About us

D&M Management Accountants was created to offer a superior Accountancy service to our clients. We want to provide accountancy services which add value to our clients business by reducing their costs, improving cashflow, controlling performance and helping make the correct investment choices. Using our knowledge in industry we have designed our products with your business in mind.

Created in 2017 by Drew Coles a member of CIMA and his wife Michaella Coles D&M Management Accountants has grown thanks to its effective product offerings to the Self Employed and Limited Companies.

See the value we have added

We aim to add value to your business and not be just another expense. Click on the image to see what we have achieved for our clients and what we can achieve for you.


Founded by a CIMA Global Management Accountant, the founding principle of D&M Management Accountants is to deliver more comprehensive Accounting information which will provide relevant, timely and quality information to help enhance business performance. We believe Accountants should do more for your business and provide information that will add true value. We enjoy getting to know each clients business, how they operate and adding real value to their organisation through our services. We don't want to be just another expense on your Profit and Loss. We want to add value to your organisation by providing you with the information to improve performance and save costs.


We are very proud of our excellent customer feedback. Take a look at our testimonials by clicking on the picture.